S'Orrosa 'e Monte
via Leonardo da Vinci 15,
08040 Urzulei (OG)

Tel: 0782 649 315,
Mobile: 348 03 65 930

o get to Urzulei: from Nuoro and Olbia, take State Road 125 (Strada Statale 125) up to Giustizieri Crossroads, then continue for 5 km; from Tortolì and Arbatax, follow the road to Lotzorai and then the provincial road for about 30 minutes. The small town of Urzulei is 170 km away from Cagliari, 130 km from Olbia, 35 km from Arbatax. Once you are in town, S'Orrosa 'e Monte Bed and Breakfast is within easy reach, as it overlooks the main street, via Leonardo da Vinci, at the town entrance, on the Nuoro side.

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