S'Orrosa 'e Monte
via Leonardo da Vinci 15,
08040 Urzulei (OG)

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Mobile: 348 03 65 930

rzulei is a small town in the north of the Ogliastra region, with a population of around 1,400 inhabitants. The territory has remained nearly unspoiled over the years, the soil is predominantly calcareous and there is an abundance of dolinas, cliffs, unexplored caves and deep gorges, the most famous being Gorropu Gorge, one of the largest ones in Europe. However, there are also gently-undulating mountains and hills and woods with many ancient trees.

The best place for anyone wishing to live an adventure amidst natural landmarks in the true sense of the word, with typical fauna and flora and breathtaking views. The visitor has the chance to learn about local traditions and hospitality.

rzulei is the number one place for speleology and nature trekking: there are many caves and gorges of unparalleled beauty. Gorropu is the best-known gorge for being Europe’s deepest canyon with its 450-metre high rock faces.

ardinian costume is worn by the town’s young people at all Urzulei folk events, accompanied by songs performed by the Four “Tenores” (Tenors) choir from S. Antonio di Urzulei, including songs such as S'Isposa 'e Mannorri, which have been recorded on CD. .

ainly textiles: carpets, tapestries, curtains, pillows and cushions. Other typical handicrafts include: asphodel baskets, woodworks and, in recent years, also knives that can rightly be regarded as fine works of art. .

he ancient game of morra is undoubtedly the game that holds the greatest fascination for the people of Sardinia, and certainly they are not the only ones. Sa Murra Tournament, held in August, draws hundreds of contestants from all over Sardinia.

f you wish to attend one of the best-known events in town, the annual horse race is scheduled to take place in mid-August, in the locality of Su Fenu.

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